Solar Water Pump

Pumping water is in great demand by farmers or in remote areas where there is no power grid systems. It is one of the sensible and effective uses of solar electric power. With our engineering expertise, Sunlit Solar is ready to take on your water pumping needs, with the use of green energy and affordable cost. Solar PV pumping systems are widely used in remote areas and islands for water supply, agriculture irrigation, they can also be used in industry, agriculture industry, and water treatment works. The PV pumping system consists of solar panel array, an inverter PCU and submersible pump. And solar pumping inverter PCU is the controlling center.

How it works?

PV arrays absorb sunlight radiation energy, convert it into electricity. Pumping inverter control and regulate the operation of the System. It transforms DC power generated by PV arrays into 3- phase AC power, and then drives the submersible pump. In accordance with changes of real-time solar radiation intensity, the inverter can adjust the output frequency, to achieve the Maximum Power Point Tracking function(MPPT).